An open letter to the
business community

Dear business community,


The global skills crisis is negatively affecting young people, and there are seemingly insufficient opportunities to promote inclusive youth engagement, youth participation and youth leadership. At the same time, it is also within the interests of the business community and society at large to nurture competent young people and future leaders.


However, research provides compelling evidence that young people are struggling to transition into the labour market, and they are struggling to navigate their way through the challenges of the 21st century.

The business community, it seems, needs to go beyond traditional CSR activities. Rather, they should rethink and redesign the way in which they approach and cultivate young talent.

The Changemakers Youth Forum is an intervention that’s designed in part to help address these challenges. Eveery year, the GiLE Foundation facilitates the co-creation of this event. To date, we have made a lot of progress with our joint initiative, and we continue to receive patronage from the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO.


However, despite our noble efforts as a collective as well as our ambitious strategy and plans, the truth of the matter is that we cannot go at it alone.

We require support and collaboration from all stakeholders, including the business community, to help us bring about systematic changes that support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life in the 21st century.

Our first Changemakers Youth Forum took place on the 15th and 16th of October and it was a great success! It proved to be a game-changer and we are ready to take this empowering initiative to the next level.


If you or your organisation connect with the aims of our youth forum, and you would like to be part of our exciting social impact journey together, then I strongly encourage you to please get in touch with us for more information.


We have plenty of ideas and plenty of oven-ready initiatives that the business community can support, as part of a broader and redesigned CSR program to upskill, reskill and support young people.


In the spirit of co-creation and innovation, let’s sit down and think together. We are sure to find meaningful ways to support the current and next generation of future leaders.



Craig V. Johnson


Co-Creator & Chair, Changemakers Youth Forum

Co-Creator & CEO, GiLE Foundation

Craig V. Johnson


Chair of the Forum,

Changemakers Youth Forum


Co-Creator & CEO,

GiLE Foundation