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Pact4Youth Hungary, the GiLE Foundation and V4SDG hosted a StandForSomething World Cafe, as part of the EU's youth engagement campaign.
StandForSomething World Cafe - Changemakers Youth Forum CYF

Our StandForSomething World Cafe session formed part of the European Union’s youth engagement campaign. The campaign is taking place across the European continent. It is coordinated by the European Youth Card Association and funded by the European Parliament.


On the 1st of September, Pact4Youth Hungary, the GiLE Foundation and V4SDG hosted an interactive session, which was also supported by the other Co-Creators of the CYF.

Topics covered during our StandForSomething World Cafe:

(1) youth engagement and youth participation,
(2) youth leadership and how to be a changemaker,
(3) youth partnerships to achieve the SDG’s,
(4) youth skills development and quality education, and
(5) youth mobility.


The Standforsomething campaign is organised within the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe. It aims to “mobilise the energy of young people and deliver their messages to European decision makers.”