Changemakers Changemakers x Brain Bar Festival 2022

Changemakers Changemakers
Brain Bar Festival 2022

Talent is not enough if you want to pursue a successful and meaningful life.


This is why, on the 30th of September 2022, the Changemakers Youth Forum (CYF) found it necessary to deliver an interactive session at the Brain Bar Festival 2022 for young people about the “Growth Mindset”.
For the 8th year, nearly 10,000 people turned up at the Brain Bar, which is Europe’s biggest festival about the future that brings together some of the greatest intellectual minds of our time.
Our session covered:
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A word of Thanks... Thanks...

Thank you to all the attendees and supporters behind the scenes. And congratulations to our presenters for representing CYF on this day, namely:
We are all looking forward to building on our collaboration with Brain Bar going forward, in a way that truly supports young talent and which drives youth-led (social) innovation.