Leadership Programme

On Friday, the 15th of October 2021, the GiLE Foundation hosted an official pre-event  for the Changemakers Youth Forum that would take place the following day.


The Changemakers Leadership Programme 2021 was an invitation-only event that was designed for young leaders and aspiring changemakers.


The purpose of this one-day programme was to deliver high-quality leadership development training to a targeted group of 40 to 50 young leaders living in Hungary. The invited guests were leaders of various youth organisations and student organisations, or they were individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential and noteworthy activity in their local community. This programme also provided a meaningful opportunity for young leaders to network with each other.

1. Keynote by Dr. Viktória Horváth, Ambassador and Political adviser of Secretary of State - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary.
Ambassador, Dr. Viktória Horváth, speaking during the Changemakers Leadership Program 2021
Ambassador, Dr. Viktória Horváth, speaking during the Changemakers Leadership Program 2021

Ambassador Dr. Viktória Horváth delivered an insightful keynote address about leadership and she shared several stories with the audience about her personal journey as a leader.


The Ambassador emphasised that leadership is not a decision, but rather a process. That we would all face challenges and battles along the way that we would need to overcome, and that if we face our fears, remain true to ourselves and be authentic, then we would be well on our way to make an impact. This keynote address was delivered as a precursor for the full-day leadership development training that took place afterwards.

2. Fireside chat between the Ambassador and the Chair of the Changemakers Youth Forum, Craig V. Johnson
Changemakers Leadership Program 2021
Changemakers Leadership Program 2021

After the Ambassador’s keynote address, she sat down with the Forum Chair of the Changemakers Youth Forum, Craig V. Johnson, who is also the Founder and Co-Creator of the GiLE Foundation.


During the exchange, they discussed:

  • What makes a great leader?
  • What does leadership look like within the world of diplomacy?
  • If women are better leaders compared to men, then why are they not in charge?
  • The Ambassador’s personal leadership style and how she thinks about leading others.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing (young) leaders today?
  • How can leaders can support other leaders?


At the end of the exchange, the Ambassador answered several questions from the audience of young leaders and aspiring changemakers, much to everyone’s appreciation.

3. Leadership development training for young leaders and aspiring changemakers

The programme delivered 3-hours of leadership development training to young leaders and aspiring changemakers. The sessions foccussed on Transformational Leadership and Motivation Maps.


The session on Transformational Leadership was delivered by Be√°ta Kalam√°r, ACC, who is a Transformation Catalyst & Leadership Expert. According to Be√°ta, there are four phases to transformational leadership:


  1. Shape ‚Äď Vision to Reality.
  2. Inspire ‚Äď Being the Change: the inner work of the Transformational Leader.
  3. Enable ‚Äď Leadership in action ‚Äď working with the inner and outer saboteurs.
  4. Deliver ‚Äď Building a Transformational Team, leading teams through transformations.


The session on Transformational Leadership was delivered by¬†Judit √Ābri von Bartheld MA, MCC, who is a Henley Business School (UK) coaching tutor, coach, coach trainer, and leadership expert.


According to Judit, the Motivation Map is a dynamic and practical tool, known in many European countries and popular in professional circles for many years, which successfully serves to improve the performance of the individual, the team and the organization.

4. Wine tasting and Networking Session

Many of us drink wine. However, many of us also don’t necessarily drink wine properly.


At the end of the day’s programme, young leaders and aspiring changemakers were treated to special wine tasting experience as part of a broader networking opportunity for young leaders.


We were joined by a wine enthusiast and steward, Dawid A Diederichs, who took us on an educational journey into the world of wine as we engaged our five of our senses.


Courtesy of the Embassy of South Africa in Hungary, the Embassy of Croatia in Hungary, and Mr Mih√°ly Mezei, we were treated to tasting several premium wines from:


> South Africa,

> Croatia, and

> Hungary, from the Mezei Family Winery.

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