About Us

The Changemakers Youth Forum is a project that is facilitated by the GiLE Foundation and co-created together with youth and youth-led organisations in Hungary.

Our vision is to co-create a youth-led ecosystem that is capable of collectively solving any social or environmental challenge in a way that is inclusive, inspirational and impactful.

To achieve this, our project is firstly bringing together young changemakers, young researchers, young entrepreneurs, young professionals, young policymakers, students, stakeholders and decision makers.


We aim to facilitate knowledge sharing, skills development, capacity building, cross-sector collaborations, and networking opportunities among different youth networks and stakeholders.


This way, we believe that we can unlock synergies and create efficiencies when attempts are made to solve social and environmental challenges.

The Changemakers Youth Forum is under the patronage of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO.

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Our Activites

Discover what activities we are planning for the Changemakers Youth Forum in Sept/Oct 2023.


Our Goals

We’ve set a series of ambitious goals for this year’s youth forum that will help us get closer to realising our strategic objectives.


Our goal is to co-create a youth forum that is intellectually stimulating and memorable in order to maximise our ability to engage youth. To achieve this, we co-design a programme that integrates a wide range of activities, from skills development workshops, to entertainment and cultural experiences.

Our goal is to co-create the conditions that provide young people with opportunities to share their views, interests, needs and ideas with each other and with key stakeholders and decision makers.

Our goal is to continue building a supportive community for (aspiring) changemakers and young innovators, as well as to continue building a stronger coalition of stakeholders who share common interests and a collective commitment to empower youth.

Our goal is to address several of the key findings and youth-related challenges that were collectively identified and published last year as a result of our initiative.

Our goal is to continue providing young people with opportunities for skills development to help them address their personal skills gap, and to support their pursuit of a successful and meaningful life.

Our goal is to continue taking active steps towards co-creating a youth-led ecosystem by connecting young changemakers with young professionals, young researchers, young (social) entrepreneurs, and young people who are passionate about policymaking.

Our goal is to co-design and undertake more research activities with our youth forum and related activities. We want to eliminate inefficiencies when attempts are made to solve social or environmental challenges, by facilitating knowledge sharing and disseminating research findings that are relevant to the forum’s thematic areas.

Our goal is to publish a Social Impact Report and a list of recommended action plans that would serve as meaningful intellectual outputs of our youth forum. We would then present our key insights to our patron, the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, stakeholders, and decision makers.

Become A Partner or Sponsor

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The Changemakers Youth Forum is an unmissable opportunity for any individual, business, non-profit organisation, decision maker, or stakeholder with a vested interest in youth, social innovation, and solving social and environmental challenges, in Hungary or abroad.