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CYF 2022 was a Success!

Our Social Impact Festival took place on Saturday, the 1st of October 2022.

Our event offered...
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Previous Speakers

Dr. Orsolya Pacsay-Tomassich

President, Hungarian Diplomatic Academy

Katalin Bogyay

United Nations Association of Hungary


Express Innovation Agency

Dr. Viktória

Ambassador, Political Adviser (MFA)


President of the European Youth Card Association & Director of the Slovenian Youth Agency


Then, Deputy State Secretary for Youth Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office

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Demographic Info

325 people registered for the CYF 2022,

& we gathered some interesting information about them…

CYF 2022
Thematic Areas

The co-creators of CYF 2022 collectively agreed to focus on three thematic areas.


Mental health refers to the ability to think, feel and react in a way that is required to live your life in normal conditions. It is often a neglected topic, but it's more important than ever before.

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& Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion brings tremendous benefits, such as more diverse perspectives, greater innovation and creativity, better financial performance, and improved reputations.

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Youth Participation & Leadership

What does meaningful youth participation look like? And why aren’t young people involved in the decision-making process around policies that directly affect them?

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